The following is an outline of the process followed by the Appointments Committee when appointing referees to games and the responsibilities of member referees:

  1. All referees are to provide the Appointments Committee with their up to date availabilities. The Appointments Committee will ask for regular updates as the season progresses. All members can proactively check their Availabilities Online and where necessary update the Appointments Committee of any changes.

  2. Based on the Availabilities provided, the Appointments Committee will allocate referees against the schedule of upcoming games each week.

  3. By Wednesday of each week (at the latest), a set of PRELIMINARY APPOINTMENTS will be sent around to all referees appointed to games on the upcoming Saturday.

  4. All referees appointed to games on the Preliminary Appointments MUST confirm their acceptance of those appointments back to the Appointments Committee by email or phone. This must be done by Wednesday Night at the latest.

  5. The Preliminary Appointments are also sent to the relevant schools for confirmation of details.

  6. Pending notification of any changes from referees or schools, the Appointments Committee will update the appointments and by Friday morning of each week (at the latest) issue a set of FINAL APPOINTMENTS.

  7. Any changes from Preliminary to Final will be highlighted in RED. Those referees impacted by those changes MUST confirm receipt of the change back to the Appointments Committee by email or phone on Friday.

  8. If there are any last minute changes after the Final Appointments, the Appointments Committee will contact you directly via phone.

  9. If you have any concerns about Wet Weather, then please contact your schools' Wet Weather Number and check if the game has been cancelled.

    (For Youth League, FNSW will advise of cancellations. If in doubt, check with the Appointments Committee before attending the game.)