When you are appointed to officiate at a game, the following pre/post game procedure should be followed by all SSFRA Referees/Officials:

  1. Ensure your referee kit is prepared and all of your equipment is packed in preparation for the game (eg: uniform, whistle, cards, watch, boots etc).

  2. Check your Field Location and ensure you know the correct field to attend.

  3. If you do not have your own transport, check your public transport options or CONTACT one of the other referees officiating at your fixture and negotiate a lift.

  4. If you are concerned about Wet Weather, check your respective School's Wet Weather Number to confirm if your games have been cancelled.

  5. Plan to arrive at your first appointment AT LEAST 30mins prior to your kick-off time.

  6. Arrive wearing your SSFRA Tracksuit, SSFRA polo shirt or Smart Casual Attire.

  7. Inspect the field, check goals/nets and flags and ensure the field is ready for the game to proceed. NB: Do this well before kick-off to ensure if any changes are required they can be done so there is no delay to the scheduled start of play.

  8. Warm Up.

  9. If you are refereeing a competition 1st/2nd GPS or CAS game, ensure you collect a completed team sheet from the respective Coach.

  10. Ensure ALL of your jewellery is removed before commencing the game. Only a watch is allowed.

  11. Inspect the teams to ensure they are appropriately attired (shin pads etc) and no jewellery is worn on the field. (This can be done prior to the teams taking the field, or immediately before kick-off). 

  12. Start the game on time.

  13. All officials should EACH maintain a written record of the game (Cards, Goals, Subs etc). This record should be collaborated at half time and full time.

  14. At the end of play, team sheets are to be completed (cards & goals filled in) and returned to the Home Team MIC/Coach. 

  15. Also complete a SSFRA Referee's Report for each team if any cards were issued. 
  16. At the completion of the game, either dress in smart casual clothing to depart or again wear your SSFRA Tracksuit. You may also decide to attend the Afternoon Tea provided by the Home Team.

  17. If any cards were awarded during the game, the Referee MUST complete an online Red Card Report within TWO DAYS of your game at the latest.

  18. If you were an Assistant at the game and influenced the giving of a Red Card (ie the referee relied on your opinion to give that card), then you MUST also complete an online Red Card report within TWO DAYS of your game.