People decide to become Football Referees for a number of reasons:

  • They have an interest in Football and want to be further involved in the sport
  • They would like to have a better understanding of the rules of the game
  • They enjoy working in a challenging environment
  • They enjoy the need to be versatile and make decisions on the fly
  • They enjoy being paid to exercise and participate in their sport of interest

We have people who have joined our branch as student referees whilst still at school or those who have just finished and are seeking extra paid work whilst at university. For some of our members who work in the corporate scene, refereeing is a hobby that they enjoy on the weekend. It lets them have time and exercise on the park, but without the full commitment or cost of actually joining a football team. Some of our members just can't get enough football and supplement their playing with refereeing as well! 

Ultimately Sydney Schools Football Referees Association is a group of dedicated professionals who enjoy the physical, learning and social opportunities that football refereeing provides.